Aeon Consulting , Aerospace and Information Technology

Aeon Consulting provides consulting and solutions in the Aerospace industry, the IT systems, the new technologies on mobile and the convergence between these different sectors.

Aeon Consulting is member of Digital Place, an ICT industry cluster. Its aim is to bring the Midi-Pyrénées to a leading position in terms of ICT by encouraging the emergence of pioneering start-ups and promoting the innovation and technological excellence.

Our scopes of intervention target some of the most leading ICT industries:






  • Apps

Oblong Industries Inc.

Oblong Industries innovative technologies and ideas are defining the next era of digital interaction. Founded by MIT graduates...


Probayes is a software editor specialized in Bayesian modelling, inference, and learning.

Adaptive Channel

Adaptive Channel provides a centrally managed solution integrating dedicated services and content for consumption anywhere whatever the availability of bandwidth.



The Application that allows you to manage your fleet, request an estimate and get notifications about empty legs.

Cameleon Software

The first and only CPQ available for iPhone & iPad platforms

My Green Box

This application has been made ​​exclusively for owners of the solution "My GREENBOX", the first GSM outlet communicating multifunctions ...